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The Plants for Birds program is supported by the growing scientific consensus that native plants, which serve as necessary hosts for native insects, are critically important for healthy bird populations, particularly during breeding. Native birds need insects to feed their chicks; without native plants and the insects they provide, native birds cannot survive. Consider these […]

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“I take a look at them, and they way they dress, the usual T shirts, jeans, dark glasses they portray how the people who have belonged to a gang or have been in jail really dress. I have friends that used to be gangsters; I have a lot of friends that work with them. You […]

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Now, it Wilson turn. The quarterback who has won more games than anyone at his position in his first three years is eligible to negotiate a new contract. Some speculated a $120 million total was possible, with Wilson guaranteed to receive half that total. wholesale nfl jerseys There are eight transfers for each third of […]

On the east side

On the east side, near the town hall, stand the elegant 18th century tower and steeple of St. Mary’s church; the body of the church had to be substantially rebuilt after a German bomb, only the third rebuilding in more than eight centuries. The graveyard, where two aristocrats, killed dueling in the 17th century, once […]

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Muccullough, a member of the Choctaw Nation, will be on display in the Atrium at the First National Bank, 414 Tenth Street, Friday Oct. 23. Art will be on display in the Atrium one week prior to the event. This image is part of a 360 degree panorama taken by the Curiosity rover on Dec. […]

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First, buyers sometimes are less picky about what lays beneath the top line as they leverage their larger scale economies to generate greater profit potential post acquisition, making your current profitability less important than it would be otherwise. Second, when applicable, the strategic benefits of scope on top of scale have the potential to drive […]

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Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas, left, who is holding his second annual youth football camp on Friday and Saturday of this week, gives a thumbs up to some of the older kids who were doing warm up exercises. Here he encourages the kids to run faster to their drill stations. Dave Ryan/The Enterprise less. wholesale […]