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Giorgio Sant’Angelo, one of the early enthusiasts of stretch suits, did his first collection for Gabar this year, introduced at the pool of the Parker Meridien Hotel. The multicolor bands of material that he originated a decade ago still look good, with their overtones of abstract art. But they are supplemented this year with three […]

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“Patients are often surprised to learn that mood swings, depression and sexual dysfunction can also occur,” says Dr. Nina Ali, a gynaecologist with The Menopause Center at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women. “Joint aches and pains and skin changes are sometimes present as well.” Some women may also experience weight gain around their midsections, or […]

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Earning an MBA from the university of Michigan Dearborn, I worked in the private sector for many years as a successful financial and investment advisor, said Barnett. Am an expert in health care and retirement planning for cities and other public entities. I understand the complexities and requirements of governmental accounting, knowledge which is essential […]

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Dylann Roof had been unapologetic at his federal trial as he listened to days of testimony from survivors. They described in harrowing detail the hail of bullets that began when parishioners closed their eyes to pray during a Bible study. Marshals Service, until he transferred to a Bureau of Prisons facility short order, a law […]